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University of Northern Iowa

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So, Shull is brand new [Aug. 15th, 2005|01:06 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

[Current Music |Drive - Life Story]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

let's go insideCollapse )
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Big name in comedy coming to the Dome [Aug. 15th, 2005|03:38 am]
University of Northern Iowa

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |Avenue Q - If You Were Gay]

Blue Collar star Larry the Cable Guy will be performing!

Date: October 8 (Saturday)
Time: 8 pm

Tickets go on sale this coming Friday (August 19)

This is pretty cool. I hope I can go.
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perhaps I'm being excessivly paranoid... [Aug. 12th, 2005|10:42 am]
University of Northern Iowa

I got a card saying that they needed me to read and sign a "Borrowing Rights and Responsibilities" form. Well, is that the same as the entrance counseling form? I resubmitted it online (I'm transferring from DMACC) and called Financial Aid, and the guy I talked to said it should be fine...but I'm nervous! My refund is only about $500 right now, and it should be about $5000.

I'm doing it all right, right?

Sorry, I'm neurotic. :-)

I'm also a French major, though I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it. My name is Rebecca, and I grew up in Independence, and I'm happy to be moving to Cedar Falls! (as long as the money comes through!)
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It's not something that you plan [Jun. 14th, 2005|06:45 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

[Current Mood |curiousHmm I wonder]
[Current Music |Pearl Jam - Rearview Mirror]

Hi! I'm an incoming freshman from New York (yeep!) Uhm I just figured I'd pop in and say "Hi" to the community. Just out of curiosity...Does anybody know the policy about Plants in Dorm rooms? My roomate and I are big gardeners, and hope to have plants in our room...and if plants are allowed..is there a limit? Thank you if you can help me, and if not, still thank you nonetheless! Hehe.
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2005|04:09 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

Come One come all! Boys and girls come to see....
Half-Masted Presents:
The Return of Gorilla Theater!
April 21, 22, 23
Interpreters Theatre, Lang Hall, UNI

21, 22, and 23 at 7:30
and for you kiddies 23rd at 2. as in a family friendly show.

Wow all those options for entertainment and all you have to do is show up!
thats right free.
seating is limited get there early!

If you comment on this and come. i will make it a point to do something special ( of my choosing) for you!
it could be a million dollars, or a hug!
come on come on you should come I would come for you please come pretty please please you should come
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2005|09:35 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

So, i got some money coming my way. I sold some stuff on ebay, and i got my tax refund. Both are enough for me to buy and ipod Shuffle. meaning i could buy two but i will not.
so what should i do.
pro: i have extra money
Pro: I really want one
Con: i only have one summer job lined up already
Con: i am moving out and money will be tight.
so i will let you vote!
ps. if you choose give me the money i will not. and i will most likly make fun of you lot please do not pick that option. it will only hurt me. every time you pick it. i will punch a puppy. hard.
maybe not, but still don't pick it.
Poll #474448 IPOD!

Should i get an Ipod Shuffle

Get one!
See if you get another summer job then Get One!
Don’t Get One
See if you get another summer job then Don’t Get One!
Give me the Money!!
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An Invitation to Take Back the Night! [Apr. 11th, 2005|10:31 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

Hey all you UNI kids... actually considering I'm probahly the youngest one, kids is a bad term to use! Anyway!! I just thought I'd tell you all about what should be a very empowering and uplifting event. As I'm sure many of you already know this week is White Ribbon week... by the way those of you that haven't gotten your white ribbon (I'm in this same boat) should go out and get one! Anyway, Tuesday, which is tomorrow, at 5:00 in the Union there is a rally type program called "Take Back the Night" I'm sure some of you know more about it than I do, but I thought I would at least spread the word about it. It should be a fun night... I'm really bad at promoting things... anyway yeah, if you're reading this you should come!

So for those of you who don't want to read all that...

Take Back the Night
5:00 - 8:00 I believe
Maucker Union
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something we should be proud of [Mar. 30th, 2005|01:18 am]
University of Northern Iowa

[Current Mood |pleasedpleased]

I don't know how many of you have read the Northern Iowan's last two issues.  There was an article in last Friday's that I wanted to call everyone's attention to.

What it boils down to is this.  Bucknell qualified for the NCAA tournament, and were assigned to play in Oklahoma City, where UNI was playing.  The problem was, Bucknell couldn't afford to bring their pep band.  UNI's kind, midwestern solution, play as their pep band, too.  For those of you who don't know, Bucknell ended up toppling 3rd seeded Kansas in that game.  Today's issue of the NI had a letter from the Bucknell team and their coach thanking us for our support.  So if you know someone in the pep band, thank them for their outstanding example of sportsmanship.  If you're on the pep band, thank you for being such an outsanding example of the University.

Okay, that sounded vey formal and inflated, but thanks for being good people.
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A Few Questions [Mar. 11th, 2005|09:08 pm]
University of Northern Iowa
Hi. My name is Zac, and UNI is a candidate for holding the title "College of my Dreams." I, however, have a few questions; the anwsers to which will hopefully aid me in making an informed decision so I don't fail at life.
Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for your assistance!
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Cd [Feb. 25th, 2005|12:27 pm]
University of Northern Iowa

prof. D burned me a cd
now it is your turn
well go ahead and call this a meme
1. Burn me a cd of music you really really like
2. and you think i would like
3. and i do not have.
4. in return i will burn a cd for you.
5. you can mail it to me give it to me in person. just tell me before hand so i can have your cd ready. and if i don't know you that well, you will have to give me an idea of what music you like.
6. put this in your lj. to expand you musics collection and maybe find some new bands.

dance, momma, dance.
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