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UNI Presidential Search Committee Announces Finalists - The Panther Den [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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UNI Presidential Search Committee Announces Finalists [Apr. 2nd, 2006|01:14 am]
University of Northern Iowa


I think this is a good way to help promote the growth of the community

From the Northern Iowan March 31, 2006

Ben Allen, John Folkins and Stephen Lehmkuhle better own a good pair of walking shoes. Allen, Folkins and Lehmkuhle were named finalist tosucceed President Robert Koob on Tuesday morning. The selections came following weekend interviews and discussions by the Presidential Search and Screen Committee.

“All three of the selected finalists focused on national issues and seeing how addressed how they could help UNI be successful in regards to national trends,” Ira Simet SSC committee member said.

Joe Murphy, UNI student body president, was impressed by what he saw. “All three candidates are very supportive of students and student issues,” he said.

The next phase of the search process calls for the candidates to visit campus. Lemkuhle, senior vice president for academic affairs in the University of Missouri system will be the first on April 6 and 7. He will be followed by Folkins on April 10 and 11. Folkins is the Provost at Bowling Green State University. Ben Allen, Provost at Iowa State University will be on campus April 12 and 13.

The candidates will face a busy schedule during their visits. Inaddition to meeting with various departments across campus, the candidates will participate in three open forums. Each forum will address the needs of students, faculty or staff, however anyone is welcome at any of the presentations.

“Feedback from campus will help the committee take a fresh look at the candidates and different perspectives are valuable,” Simet said. Those who attend the forum will be able to offer feedback either in writtenform or online.

The presentations will also be archived and video streamed for 90 minutes later for those unable to attend the forums.

Information about the finalists, as well as where the videos are to be posted from the forums.

So, I'd like to bring up a couple of discussion points:

1. President Koob was the first UNI alumnus to become president of the university. Why do you think they didn't go "back to the well," so to speak, for his successor?

2. The finalists seem to have been pulled from a distinctly midwestern pool. Do you think this will limit our perspective, as opposed to bringing someone in from the coasts with different ideas than would persist in the midwest?